Safe transportation

Our products are sent to you in the safest and fastest way

International Marketing

More than 100 representatives in 45 countries in the world

suitable packaging

We provide suitable packaging for each country

A modern factory

Equipped with advanced machines and expert personnel

Polyethylene pipe & fittings

Polyethylene fittings are used in pipelines and facilities in various industries to change the angle of the fluid flow, change the diameter of the pipeline, change the flow rate and connect the pipes to each other.

The Secret of our Success

“Parham Pipe” company always takes steps to satisfy customers. Some of the influential factors in our success are:


All products have a warranty and if the customer is not satisfied, the product will be returned.

Standard production

All products are produced with advanced devices and the most accurate measurements.

24 hour support

The support of our sales unit is available 24 hours a day.


The packaging of our products is completely standard and in such a way that the products are not damaged during transportation.